Jung YongHwa -Another crush to add to the never-ending asian crush list!

So yeah December 2010, whilst I was off sick from work at home, I was bored….so guess what I did? Watched some K-drama…DUH!

I was asked by a friend to check out ‘You’re Beautiful‘, starring Yonghwa, Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hongki and UEE. That’s where I discovered him, he played the guy that likes the girl from afar…….bhuuuuuuuu sad isn’t it? He just watched her in the background falling for another dude *holds hand to heart*.

Now I’m watching his new drama ‘Heartstrings’ and boooooooy is he making my heart thuuuumppp, like he isn’t the best looking guy in the world but he is dead cute and omgaaaah how can you not adore him when he’s serenading you with his smexy voice and guitaaar.

Loving this song at the mo………. RAPING THE REPLAY BUTTON