Flower Boys Next Door – It’s All Over


Soooo I’ve just finished watching, ‘Flower Boy Next Door’! It was a very cute drama indeed!

I obviously watched it for all the hotties on there haha, but the story-line was a plus, even though at some parts, you could guess what was going to happen next. Like most Korean dramas there’s always a secret that needs to be found out, someone ill or some sort of phobia involved.

Yuuuup, the phobia line was used here for the main actress Park Shin Hye (Go Dok Mi), she finds it hard to be around people and stays at home most of the time, due to issues from her school days, she also likes to perve at her crush in the opposite building through her window. Now cue the boy that turns her frown upside down, the jolly-olly  fairy-like Yoon Si Yoon (Enrique Geum), his character is finger curling cuuutee, not seen that much aegyo in a namja role like…ever. He catches Go Dok Mi perving through the window and that’s where it gets ooooooooooh so good!  OMG!!

My favourite segments from the drama have to be, the insomniac- workaholic webtoon manager and Dong Hoon’s relationship, so awkwardly hilarious and cute!  Especially the bits where Dong Hoon is like, “ aren’t her dark circles cute?” bahahaa, still cracking up over them.

Daebak awkward couple....hehehe

Daebak awkward couple….hehehe

I am really really really liking TvN dramas a lot these days, slightly more refreshing to watch than the normal, MBC, SBS, KBS  ones that I tend to go for.

If you haven’t seen this yet……you must do it asap, I give it a big thumbs up \(~o~)/ For now I shall leave you with, J Rabbit’s ”Talkin’ Bout Love’, as soon as I heard it playing in the background of one of the episodes, I KNEW the voice, I’m pretty sure I have an eidetic memory!

Video and Photo Source: CJENMMUSIC