Answer Me 1997 / Reply 1997 – Can’t Get Over It…..

Reply 1997

Another great kdrama to add to the never-ending list. Seems as though I watch all the best ones whilst ill…..yes got flu once again, but whooooo cares when you’ve watched this mega adorable drama.

Regret waiting this long to watch it! So basically this one is based on a group of friends in the year 1997 going into 2012. Nostalgic drama about the trials of first loves and heartbreaks along with fangirling/fanboying over their beloved kpop idols. Loved the way they kept switching backwards and forwards into the past and present and omg not mention keeping you at the edge of your seat with the question of whom the main actress, A Pink’s Jung Eunji, ended up with, loved how they played on this…… teasing me so! Took me a day and a half to get through all the 16 episodes, could have finished it in a day if it wasn’t for the drowsy cold medicine knocking me out!

All the characters were unique and unforgettable, all meshed so well together! Defo not your ordinary kdrama, defooooo one to add to the top of the list.  Also loved  the ost and playlists of old school kpop classics. Never really listened to any H.O.T and Sechs Kies tracks till I saw this…..and after listening to em, I think I’m more of a Sechs Kies lover haha.

The scenes all blended in so well, coz sometimes nostalgic dramas can get a bit confusing or hard to keep up with, but this so wasn’t the case here at all. So realistic and relatable, can go on and on about it. Gotta get me this on DVD pronto. Comedy, romance, friendship, kpop and good acting, what more can you ask for, all in all I give this a big fat 10/10!

P.S So badly crushing on Seo In Guk, at the moment. *goes back to youtube* check the official ost tracks, sung by the two main leads. *clasps hands together*

Video and Photo source: CJENMMUSIC