Gu Family Book – Watch it NOW!

Gu Family Book

Just finished watching the last episode of this super awesome drama and I’m sooooo totally in love with it, the best mystical drama of this year!!

It’s based around the main character Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi) who is half human and half gumiho…..a divine creature. We follow him trying to find the ‘Gu Family Book’ which contains the secret to becoming a full human and all the obstacles he faces in trying to obtain this.

I was drawn in from the first episode and wished that I had waited to watch this when all the episodes were complete, coz it was just agonising watching two eps a week whilst it aired……

All the cast members did a magnificent job! At first I was a bit weary of miss A’s Suzy being the main lead as her acting was a bit iffy in ‘Dream High’, but woah, she was totally impressive, improved a lot! Lee Seungi Gi was totally awe-inspiring as usual; love love loved his dad Choi Jin Hyuk, what a sexy gumiho dad and demon! I have a slight obsession with him since watching ‘I Need Romance’, oooh so sexy voice, sexy face, sexy body…..haha oozing sexy from everywhere!

Sexy Daddyyyyy Gumiho

Sexy Daddyyyyy Gumiho

I have so much to say about this drama but I will be here all day if I did! It’s going to take me a while to get over this one. I must buy it on DVD when it is out. With me, you know it’s a good one, when it gets purchased officially!

Now, the OST is absolutely eargasmic, so many powerful voices, but the two below are my favorite….the background music is just so omgaaaah…

4Men – Only You

The One – Best Wishes to You

Omooooo sexy gumiho dad also sang one of the OST’s toooo.

I would highly recommend everyone to watch this; every single episode will get you wanting more and morrrrrrreeeee. SO PERFECT!!!!!

Aigoooooooo, Kang Chi & Yeo Wool <3333 *searches YouTube for more music videos*

Video Source: LOENENT

Photo Source: MBC