Last Cinderella – Le Siiiiiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhh

Last Cinderella

Sooooooo sooooo sooooo, I’ve just finished watching this, haven’t seen a Japanese drama since Hotaru no Hikari and that was like in 2011….. I think. Saw that this drama is starring Naohita Fujiki, who also starred in HNH and all I could think was “buchoooouuuuu” (If you have watched it, you’ll get what I mean hehe), so yeah basically I thought why not give it a go as you can’t go wrong with 11 eps, short but enough for a drama fix!

Now here’s the story line, Ryoko Shinohara plays the character Sakura, she is a 39 year old woman, she works at a beauty salon, makes other pretty and presentable….. but yep, you guessed it….she doesn’t really take much care with her own looks, but yet she still catches the eye of Rintaro, who is portrayed by my lovely buchooouuuuu…. but he doesn’t know that until the end…obviously! He works at the salon too but as Sakura’s manager, they have history together as they started out in the business together, they bicker all the time but are there for each other when in need, he has excelled up in to manager position but Sakura is still waiting for her much deserved promotion…..aiissshhh and one truuuueeee love!


Now here is where it gets a bit messy, Chiyoko played by Nanao has been crushing on Rintaro for years , she regularly comes to the salon to get her hair done by him, she also notices that he has a soft spot for Sakura and she burns with jealousy over it. So the devious missy enlists the help of her bmx star step-brother Hiroto played by the yummy Miura Haruma to help her get her man, his mission is to seduce the innocent Sakura……although it starts off as a lie, his cold heart starts melting for her as the episodes go on….oh and did I mention he is only 24 years old, so there’s a big 15 year age gap, which is also one of the main focuses of the drama.

LOL crushing on him.....badly....aiiissssshhh

LOL crushing on him…..badly….aiiissssshhh

I enjoyed every episode, no dull moments, it’s sort of relatable at the same time as well…..the OST for it was also on point! Lol the fact that buchuoooo and Miura are in it too, made we wanna watch it even more… I’m such a perve haha…. took me 2 days to finish watching it, think I could have squeezed into a day if I didn’t start watching the first ep at like 11pm at night.

This one is defo a 10/10 – I give loads of dramas I talk about 10/10, shall start writing about the flops I watched too, hmmmmmmmmmm.

Anyways this drama had, romance, comedy, betrayal, weirdness, bmx-ing (veryyyyyyyy cool) and megaaaaaaaaa cuteness. I would definitely watch it again. 😀

Check out my fav song from the OST below –

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