How it All Started….. The Kdrama Obsession

goong s se7en

August  2006 during the summer holidays…..the 17 year old me was really bored and randomly watching anime videos on YouTube (as I was mega obsessed with it too) and then I came across a video with a cute guy on, I clicked on the link for ‘Goong S’………..and yup my normal life was over from there….. Se7en was on my screen and I was going “wooooooaaah he kinda cuuuuuuuuuuttteeee” I checked the comments and found out the scenes were from a Korean drama, the MV was super cool looking as well, so I thought, hey I ain’t got nothing better to do, might as well give it a go.

Check out the MV below……

Se7en – Promise

So after searching for a while, I managed to find the Goong S (Prince Hours) episodes on Dailymotion, I watched one ep, then another and another, and another  and found myself awake till 2am… had to force myself to stop and carry on the next day.

I couldn’t find anymore episode of Goong S after episode 6, I was gutted and then I started youtubing all things Se7en related and was surprised to see that he was a singer as well. I literally listened/watched every single MV that he had released, found myself constantly googling him and downloading his songs.  I found BI Rain, followed by Lee Hyori  and soooooooooooooo on.

BI Lee Hyori

I then discovered Goong S was a sequel drama to Goong (Princess Hours) this time around I found all the episodes, I watched all 20 episodes in 2 days, all an hour long. Mmmmmmmmmm Joo Ji Hoon I was totally in love with all the characters, it was like the best thing I had ever watched at that age, I was trying to get everyone to watch it and eventually re-watched it with my aunty, she shared the same feelings as I did but wasn’t as obsessed as moi haha.


Everyone that knows me knows about my passion for all things k-related now. I have even managed to convert a few people into watching drama and listening to kpop. My biggest converter was my best friend, after months of nagging her to watch kdrama, she finally gave in. I wanted her to start off her kdrama world the same way as I did so I recommended that she also watches Goong, her response was exactly the same as mine, I was mega happy hearing this, she had jumped onto my kdrama boat haha, we even watch drama together and promise not to skip ahead on some eps as we have to lead our normal lives too…..sometimes this is broken by both of us lol…..this is what they dooooooooooooooo to yooouuuuuuuuuuu! We even buy each other drama related presents coz we are COOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL like that.

Alfred Goong

Alfred bear on Goong…..from my bestie

Its 2014 now  and our Kdrama love is still going strong and yes….still staying awake till silly hours to try and cram as much drama time as possible, now that one has to make a living and work *sigh*. If only I could find a decent paid job that would allow me to constantly watch dramas all day long….aaahhh shall forever be a dream aigoooooooooo.

One thing that keeps me going is of course the eye candy k-stars have to offer….. I can’t lie to myself LOL, but you might have already guessed that from my previous posts….. but yeah it was was Se7en that started everything off for me. He is still one of my faves ❤

LOL how many times have I said KDRAMA….aigooooo!

 Photo Source: MBC + MyDaily

Video Source: JJ5Arang