Blossom Among Flowers – Jay E. Tria

Blossom Among Flowers

Well I’m back after a year and half……blogging and I have a long distance relationship hahah.

I’ll tell ya what I have been doing….the short version to it is very simple….drama-ing and working hehee.

But anyways, let’s start…. So I’ve just finished this new book called Blossom Among Flowers by the very new and talented author Jay E. Tria, now what can I say about this book……. everything?? Nah… will be here forever.

I loved it from start to finish; it flowed super well and was easy to read. Obviously I read it a bit slower than normal people but it gave me the time to cherish and fall in love with the characters even more. Goooooooooooosh, I even created a couple name for the mains…..TAKERU COUPLE, don’t tell me you don’t like it, coz I know you dooooooooooooo! The book had quite a Jdorama feel to it, which the drama fan in me LOVED! If it were to be turned into a tv show, I would tune into it every single week, that’s how good it was!

Sooooooooooo basically we have the clever kid Takeshi passing exams with flying colours and the not so clever kid Hikaru…..flunking her exams, no direction in her studies whatsoever and always reading the latest mangas (ooooh the good life) until she is told that she needs to pass the next exam with good marks if she doesn’t want to fail all together. Now can you guess who is going to help tutor her to that top grade??? Yup………Takeshi of course………. lovely student teacher Testsuya was also offered the chance but Takeshi got in there first…among many other chances *sigh* Testuya is mine anyways, even if he doesn’t know it!

he is mine

Erm yeah, so they study and start getting closer, even though he torments Hikaru and takes up all her free time with studying and confiscates her mangas *gasp* from her so she can’t get distracted. I wish I had a Takeshi when I was in school but that would not have been possible in the all girls school I went to *double sigh*.

There is also a meddlesome mother and even more meddlesome friend involved that gets in the way of my TAKERU COUPLE…how dare theeeeeeeeeeeeeey, but all is good, because love prevailssssssssssssss…..or does it??? muahahah

I don’t wanna give everything away, even though I would love to hahah, but I’m gonna hold it in and tell you to gooooooooooooooo anddddddddddd reaaaaaaaaad tttttheeeeeeee booooooooooooooooooook, for reals….read it, you will not be disappointed, you’ll actually be laughing over the silly Hikaru’s antics.

The author Jay E. Tria, also seems like a pretty cool person too, go check her website and see for yourself….here. Haha I wanna hang out with her, don’t you? I cannot wait to read her next book; Songs of Our Breakup….review will come soon.

I’ll repeat what I said before, go and read the book, LIKE NOW and oh yeah remember that Testsuuuuuu belongs to moi!!

After you finish reading, I recommend you listen to these guys……they were also mentioned in the book…. *sigh* memories of Hana Yori Dangoooooooooo, *starts singing “love sooooo sweeeeeet and perves on Matsumoto Jun”.

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