Songs of Our Breakup – Jay E. Tria


Omgaaaah this review has been waiting a long time. Why do I leave things so long?? why am I so lazy??? Why am I even me??? I don’t even know what I don’t know!!

Anyways, let’s get to it….I want to say I’ve just finished reading it but I finished reading it ageeeeeeeeeeees ago haha, but it deserves a review…why?? Because it was bloody awesome!! I originally had the kindle version but when I found out that it was available on paperback…. I just had to purchase it, there’s nothing like a good book where you can hold it and turn the pages…aaaaaaahhhhh.

This is my second review for author Jay E. Tria, this time it’s for one of her books called Songs of Our Breakup, it’s the first installment of this series and get this…. instead of it being book 1 or book 2 etc they’re referred to as ‘Playlist  1’…….. don’t you just love it?? Goes soooooo well with the music theme and title of the book.

So our main character Jill, as you can guess, has broken up with her beloved of seven years. Getting over someone you’ve known for that long is hard enough, but when you’re also in the same band as them, seeing and working with them constantly …it’s going to be extremely hard. The book takes you back and forth into the past and present leading up to how the break up happened, along with a few relatable songs (yes there are song lyrics, I like how it was added and you can sing it out how you feel fits best…………the awesomeness from this author is on anoooother level!). I like how it flowed so easily, as it could have been really messy, but it wasn’t at all, it was like being magically transported into the past and seeing how the love blossomed and slowly withered into the present.

Now Jill has her best friend Miki and the other band mates comforting her through all the stages of moving on, Miki boldly states that breakups have a probationary period, “Three months to change minds, to take things back. Three months before moving on to someone else.”

And now……… SHINTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Shinta is Jill’s very sexy Japanese friend…who happens to be an actor and has always been there for jill as a friend. From going back and forth to the past and present, it’s very clear that Shinta has a very very verrrrrryyyyyyy soft spot for his dear friend…. everyone is aware of this…even the ex..grrrr, as he helps Jill through the last month of her probationary break-up period, they get closer and closer…..but guess who is watching them from the background…well more Jill than Shinta………MIKI, it is made known that Miki also holds a tender spot for Jill in his heart but unfortunately has not been able to act on it yet and Jill just doesn’t seem to have a clue either…*big sigh*. Why you gotta be like that Miki…………..whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I had mixed feelings over whether I was #TEAMSHINTA or #TEAMMIKI but in the end I think Jill made the right decision……

What decision did she make…you say?? Well I would suggest reading the book and finding out………I don’t want to spoil it for you!!!  Like really…do it, you’ll be hooked. If you don’t, I’LL HUNT YOU DOWN!!


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