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How it All Started….. The Kdrama Obsession

August  2006 during the summer holidays…..the 17 year old me was really bored and randomly watching anime videos on YouTube (as I was mega obsessed with it too) and then I came across… Continue reading

July 6 2013 – Cupcake Time

11:40pm and I’m eating this……. lol the reason why I look like a whale. Short but sweet post….get it?? sweet…. get it?! Le Sigh…….. *wipes mouth*

July 5 2013 – Noodles…..Nom Nom Nom

So went to do the weekly food shopping with my sis and guess what I found….Nong Shim Shin Cup Noodle/Ramyun Soup…. omgaah and in Asda as well…..didn’t expect it to be there, especially… Continue reading

July 4 2013 – Dude, I’m in Pain

So….like yeah, my wisdom teeth are coming through on both sides…and annoying the hell out of me. I can’t eat properly and I cant even talk properly, feel like I keep slurring my… Continue reading

July 3 2013 – The Stalker

Crap day at work as usual, but what made my day even more worse was the fact that I got followed home by some weird man near the train station.He asked me what… Continue reading

July 2 2013 – Unfinished Projects

So I started making this plushie doll….last year and this is how far I got after a few hours.All the cutting tested my patience and I got bored. Think I should finish it… Continue reading

July 1 2013 – Let’s Do This…

Going to try and post something random everyday of this month…..if I can remember lol. Spent hours playing blackjack with my cuzzy wuzzies today after work. Time really does fly when you are… Continue reading