Answer Me 1997 / Reply 1997 – Can’t Get Over It…..

Another great kdrama to add to the never-ending list. Seems as though I watch all the best ones whilst ill…..yes got flu once again, but whooooo cares when you’ve watched this mega adorable drama. Regret… Continue reading

Flower Boys Next Door – It’s All Over

Soooo I’ve just finished watching, ‘Flower Boy Next Door’! It was a very cute drama indeed! I obviously watched it for all the hotties on there haha, but the story-line was a plus, even though… Continue reading

Well Hello There……..

Howdy there, it’s been more than a year, since I said I would blog regularly…..well that didn’t happen, ooppssyyyy! Been busy with life and of course kdrama hehehehe. Shall defo be back on this regularly  have lots to share and spazz… Continue reading

January 1 2012

First day of the year….

Rain’s BUSAN WOMAN MV= Me Waving Hands in the Air!

Really am gonna miss him when he goes off to the army, loving this song ❤

Jung YongHwa -Another crush to add to the never-ending asian crush list!

So yeah December 2010, whilst I was off sick from work at home, I was bored….so guess what I did? Watched some K-drama…DUH! I was asked by a friend to check out ‘You’re… Continue reading


I have a wordpress blog woooooooooooooooo lol. I was gonna write an intro… but I cannyyyy be asked lool, so yeah, you peeps will probably find out as I blog that I’m a total… Continue reading